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Stacey Capps' Interactive Fiction Journal

A few questions

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I'm a relative newbie at interactive fiction trying to solve niggling coding issues.

1) Objects that have 'static' or 'scenery' attributes can't be taken. But I'm receiving messages for other verbs besides 'take' that say (first taking noun) before giving the string I have inputed as a response. Example verbs include remove, eat, and wear. Is this a function of the interpreter (Frotz) I'm using, or should I be coding my responses to those verbs differently?

2) Is there a way to direct the parser to prefer a certain secondary object? For instance, I have two doors with locks in the same room. There is a red key for the red door and a blue key for the blue door. Assuming the player has both keys, is there a way to convince the parser to automatically use the correct colored key when neither key is specified?

3) Is there a better / different place to post these kinds of questions?
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