The Angler (theangler) wrote in inform_dev,
The Angler

future of inform?

Two weeks ago I didn't even know Inform existed, so forgive me if these questions seem impertinent. I've been browsing the extensions available at I've noticed that there are very few dates on these extensions post 2003. On RAIF I saw some mention of a new version of Inform, beyond the version 6.3 that I've been playing with. Basically, I'd like to know if Inform is still developing. What's the current state of things? It appears that new IFs with Inform are being written based on a cursory examination of the games released listing on Is Inform authoring on the rise? Leveling off? What's the user community like? Growing or a steady band of loyal diehards? Any good articles on the web on this subject? Thanks.
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