The Angler (theangler) wrote in inform_dev,
The Angler

question about extensions

First, thank you for suggesting that I look at the available extensions of Inform. There's certainly a lot of interesting things available. Since I'm new to IF, at this point I like it when the game is helpful, so I thought I would add HelpRoutines.h to the test IF that I'm writing. The extension is included, my .inf file compiles without complaint. Now what do I do? How does the user/player/reader get access to the help? I suppose I have to add some code into my objects that incept requests for help and trigger the routines in the extension file. Any examples out there?

Also, I noticed an extension called manual.h. Has anybody used that? It appears to depend on three other extensions. I found and installed all by one: center.h. Can't find center.h. Am I blind? A google search turned up references to center.h on RAIF, but I couldn't locate where to download the extension.
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