Flopsy (staticengine) wrote in inform_dev,

IDEs and Card Decks

Two Questions:

  1. What is people's preferred Inform 6 IDE? I've used IF-IDE with happiness in the past, but have just discovered Wide. Any others I should look at? Pros and Cons? I'm a C++ developer, mainly, so Visual Studio style would be most familiar to me.

  2. Are there any existing libraries for doing a deck of cards in Inform 6? I've discovered the blackjack.inf file, and looked through the code in there, but before I go re-invent the wheel, I'd like to see if there's an existing codebase that allows me to "shuffle the deck", "take the six of clubs", "take the top card from the deck", "put the card in the deck" (assuming the six of clubs), and so on, with some proper tracking of what's left in the deck while still allowing me to refer to the entire deck as one object. Ideally, I'd love to be able to type "throw the deck in the air", and then force the player to play a game of 52-Pickup, although out of kindness I'd clearly allow "take all cards". ;)

Thanks in advance.
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